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Safe Food Now for a Better Tomorrow

We have held an unwavering banner for safe food and sustainable agriculture for more than a decade and have brought many Nilgiri farmers to the fold.

Celebrating World Food Day! (This year's theme is 'Safe food NOW for a better tomorrow'). Given the theme, we at The Earth Trust have a million reasons to celebrate! ...

However, today's reason to celebrate is different. Today, we are celebrating what we taught young Nithya, a final year student in agriculture. She is a Nilgiri citizen interning with us. She learned that chemical-free food can be both nourishment and medicine and that the future of safe farming and the health of the earth and its people are in her hands.

Baby steps for Nithya could be a huge leap for the Nilgiri hills. Here she is seen learning to harvest lettuce at Manaara our Biodynamic farm at Kollimalai village, Ketti valley, Nilgiri hills.

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